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Birthday Party?
Sorry for the late report...
I been having writer block ;  _;

So here I write what happen on my B-day~

Last month on March 27 is my birthday!
At the same day there's a cosplay  event at some mall in south Jakarta, so I attend it intending to treat my friend for some pizza.
I ask papa-san and my friends to go to the pizza restaurant but papa-san and a bunch of friends can't come, so few of my friends come with me to the restaurant.
But when we waited for the pizza to arrive at the restaurant, papa-san and the other come with Birthday cake!

blowing the candles.

first cake goes to papa-san who is cosplaying as Selfie from Final Fantasy 8

They give me this^ poster ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Thank you everyone!!  *A*


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