Birthday Party?
Sorry for the late report...
I been having writer block ;  _;

So here I write what happen on my B-day~

Last month on March 27 is my birthday!
At the same day there's a cosplay  event at some mall in south Jakarta, so I attend it intending to treat my friend for some pizza.
I ask papa-san and my friends to go to the pizza restaurant but papa-san and a bunch of friends can't come, so few of my friends come with me to the restaurant.
But when we waited for the pizza to arrive at the restaurant, papa-san and the other come with Birthday cake!

blowing the candles.

first cake goes to papa-san who is cosplaying as Selfie from Final Fantasy 8

They give me this^ poster ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Thank you everyone!!  *A*

ShounenT; Tomohisa 「届け」 Music Clip
ShounenT release a music clip of 届け for his new album 'Promise'

AFA X Most Memorable Scene

My most memorable scene in AFA X ;D
Kaname-san is really cool <3~
I hope we can meet again~

Evangelion Photoshoot (part 2)
Today I had an evangelion photoshoot in Old City *o* actually its part 2 photoshoot ;D
I already do part 1 in Ancol beach with Sola, Alf and Garonk ^o^

I cosplay as Shinji Ikari

Kirika as Rei Ayanami

Sola as Kaworu Nagisa

Here are our working space, we also use the rooftop of that building ^o^

there you can see Bozu, Alf and G4ronk our beloved photographer ;D

the view outside the building

I will update more and share some picture ^o^

My original cosplay~ XDD
I think its around august or october last year that i cosplay it with my friends~ XDD

whiteair l Tsundere-ojouchan
kika l Bad Boy
solatomato l Butler


New updates?
Its been awhile seen i didn't update =_=
long time i didn't open lj XDD;;

Do you all have twitter account?
My account, White_air feel free to follow me ;D
tho i often write tweets in indonesian language OTL


do you have a suggestion for a good Nintendo Wii game? 8D


cosplay plan for this year:

- Nadeko Sengoku - Bakemonogatari
- Sasuke Sarutobi - Sengoku Basara
- Len Kagamine (Gekokujou ver.) - Vocaloid
- Len Kagamine (siGre ver.) - Vocaloid
- Len Kagamine (Synchronicity ver.) - Vocaloid
- Len Kagamine (Alice Human Sacrifice ver.) - Vocaloid
- Kaito (Cantarela ver) - Vocaloid
- secret - Vocaloid
- secret - Vocaloid
- Atori Mahiro - Hiro no Kakera
- Faneru - Nico Nico Singer
- Karol Capel - Tales of Vesperia
- Pascal - Tales of Graces
- Shing Meteoryte - Tales of Hearts
- Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji
- Cloud Strife - Dissidia Final Fantasy
- Howarang - Tekken 6
- secret - Tekken 6
- Riou - Suikoden 2
- Boomer (Rowdy Ruff Boys) - Power Puff Girls
- Luke - Professor Layton


Figure that I will and want to buy:

- Bakemonogatari Puchi Nendoroid set 2
- BRS (Anime ver.)
- BRS (Blade ver.)
- Gachimuchi/Billy Herington-sensei - Figma
- Gundam 00
- Kagamine Twins Nendoroid
- Sanada Yukimura - Revoltech
- Professor Layton - Revoltech

*headdesk* need money to buy all the figure ; a;
i wish money could grow on tree ; a;

I will try to update's as much as i can~

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Photoshoot

3  weeks ago i had Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de Photoshoot with my friend at University of Indonesia Forest area~

-Whitey as Akane Motomiya (Ryuujin No Miko)
-Aliph Yuu-Chan as Abe No Yasuaki (Genbu Of Earth)
-Hassei Takano as Eisen (Genbu Of Heaven)
-Ichsann Okita as Tenma Morimura (Seiryuu Of Earth)
-Kika as Inori (Suzaku Of Heaven)
-Rheea as Shirin (Oni Clan)

here some photo of it~


Credit to the photographer: Alf and Garonk

Original photo taken from:

First Journal Entry
My "First Journal Entry" XDD
lame title OTL

My lj account is for updating cosplay stuff, some anime, manga or game/love sims stuff, and my sucks drawing -_-

so enjoy~


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